Bill Tracker


HF 132 Cornish, All-terrain vehicle operation allowed on county roads.



HF 150 Anzelc, All-terrain vehicle use allowed by the disabled along certain trails, and hunting provisions for disabled hunters modified.

SF 221 Saxhaug,


HF 487 Hackbarth, All-terrain vehicle registration exemptions modified and nonresident all-terrain vehicle operators required to possess a state trail pass.

SF 1064 Saxhaug,


HF924 Hackbarth, Northshore Trail renamed C.J. Ramstad Memorial Trail, and Boundary Trail placed under the Arrowhead Regional Trail System.

SF 909 Bakk,


HF 1103 Paymar, Trespass with recreational motor vehicle presumption reversed outside metropolitan areas.



HF 1138 Dill, All-terrain vehicle use expanded for the purposes of baiting bear, Boundary Waters Canoe Area winter trout season modified.



HF 1285 Persell, Managed forests eliminated for purposes of off-highway vehicle travel, and forest classification requirements modified.

SF 1174 Dibble


HF 1493 Lillie, State parks and trails funding provided, money appropriated, planning and report required.

SF 1729 Bakk


HF 2242 Dill, Seizure and forfeiture of certain off-highway vehicles provided, operating restrictions modified for all-terrain vehicles, and criminal penalties provided.

SF1655 Chaudhary